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Liechtenstein National Team

"Magizoologists are currently keeping Hans under close observation for ill effects. If any are discovered we will of course lobby the ICWQC for the USA’s immediate disqualification from the World Cup."
-- Liechtenstein's Minister for Magic, Otto Obermeier (Pm)

Liechtenstein National Team

The national teams from the European country of Liechtenstein.


The Liechtenstein National Team were participants in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup tournament in Argentina's Patagonian desert (Pm).

  • Their team mascot, Hans the Augurey, has his own fan club (Pm).
  • Known members of the 2014 team (Pm):
  • They played a grueling three-day match against the Chad National Team, their exhausted Seeker Bruunhart getting the Snitch 470 point to 330 win (Pm).
  • They lost their quarter-finals match against the USA by 470 to 290. During the wild celebrations by US supporters after the match, Hans the Augurey was kidnapped, causing an international incident until he was returned (Pm).
  • Their coach and manager Ferdinand Jägendorf did not find this incident to be very funny (Pm).



In spite of Liechtenstein having participated in Quidditch World Cup matches, there are no wizarding sports - including Quidditch - mentioned on their Wikipedia page (Wikipedia: Liechtenstein).

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