Quidditch World Cup 2014 Quarter-finals Match 3

-- headline, Daily Prophet, 8 June 2014 (QWC)

Quidditch World Cup 2014 Quarter-finals Match 3

Ecstatic fans were celebrating long into the evening after the United States National Team beat the Liechtenstein side in an exciting match. Although Liechtenstein Chaser Otmar Frick scored the most individual goals at 16, the American Chasers ensured that the US were never far behind. The game ended with Darius Smackhammer’s breakneck capture of the Snitch, with the final score at USA 450 – Liechtenstein 290 . Harried officials from Argentina’s Council of Magic were working to keep the fans’ magic displays within reasonable bounds as the Daily Prophet went to press (QWC).

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Article written by Ginny Weasley in the Sports section of the Daily Prophet, 8 June 2014 (QWC)



It is hoped that the American reaction to this win at the Quidditch World Cup means that US wizards and witches may be embracing the international sport of Quidditch and becoming less addicted to Quodpot....

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