Clairvius Hyppolite

Clairvius Hyppolite

Clairvius Hyppolite was a Chaser for the Haiti’s National Team at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup tournament (Pm).

Hyppolite was the star player on Haiti’s side at the 2014 tournament, responsible for eight of their nine goals during their opening match against the Brazilian national side, although they ultimately lost the match after their Beater committed a foul which meant the team was disqualified (Pm).

Other canon notes and references

Since Viktor Krum, born 1976, was the oldest player at the tournament (Pm), Hyppolite must have been born after 1976.



Clairvius may derive from a Haitian man, Clairvius Narcisse, who was allegedly turned into a zombie - especially appropriate given Haiti's Inferi mascots (Wikipedia). The word clair comes from Latin clarus, meaning "clear, light, famous" (Baby Namespedia).

Hyppolite is the surname of a famous Haitian painter, Hector Hyppolite. The Old Greek name Hippolyte means "freer of horses" (Baby Namespedia).


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