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Catriona McCormack

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The Harry Potter Canon

Chaser/Captain for the Pride of Portree, led the team to two league wins in the 1960s. She played for Scotland thirty-six times. She has a daughter, Meghan, and a son, Kirley Duke (QA7).


Catriona McCormack had a daughter, Meaghan, and a son, Kirley Duke.


Catriona McCormack was a very famous Chaser for the Pride of Portree quidditch team. Her skills and dedication won her the title of captain for some time.


Other canon notes and references

Catriona McCormack plays for Pride of Portree. This team comes from the Isle of Skye, where it was founded in 1292. The 'Prides:' as they are known to their fans, wear deep-purple robes with a gold star on the chest.


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