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Ron Confunds examiner and passes Muggle driving test

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The Harry Potter Canon

At his test for getting a Muggle driver’s license, Ron uses magic to help him and to manipulate the person overseeing the test. Deserved or not, Ron passes the test. (DH/e)

Timeline Notes

All we really know is that it happened sometime before Ron drove his family to King's Cross on 1 September, 2017. It had probably happened fairly recently at that point, since he had not yet told Harry and Ginny about it. (DH/e)



In the epilogue, Harry and Ginny's family apparently arrives at King's Cross by car. And Ron and Hermione's family seems to have done the same, given the discussion of Ron passing a Muggle driving test. Has taking cars to King's Cross become a widespread custom in the Wizarding world? Is it something everyone in the Weasley clan does? Ron talks of using the Supersensory Charm instead of checking the mirrors, but there's no indication of whether or not that is legal under wizarding law. It seems strange that Ron would want to meddle with a car and use magic on if after his experiences with his father's flying Ford Anglia. -BB

The fact that Ron took (and passed) a Muggle driving exam means that the Muggle government has record of his existence. If, as suggested above, driving Muggle cars is becoming more popular with wizards, are they suddenly being documented by the Muggle government? Even supposing huge numbers of people could all successfully forge other documentation, wouldn't this send up red flags for the Muggle government? Are the employees of the U.K.'s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency being confunded and possibly obliviated frequently and in large numbers? -BB

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