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Apparition Test Centre

"The Department of Magical Transportation had to fine a couple of people the other day for Apparating without a license.  It's not easy, Apparition, and when it's not done property it can lead to nasty complications.  This pair I'm talking about went and splinched themselves."

-- Mr Weasley (GF6)

Apparition Test Centre

A division of the Department of Magical Transportation, with responsibility for administering the Apparition Test to witches and wizards.

The Apparition Test Centre office is located on Level Six of the Ministry of Magic headquarters (OP7)

In order to legally Apparate, a witch or wizard must be of age and must successfully pass a test administered by the Test Centre to acquire a license. To pass the test, the candidate must successfully Apparate to a specified destination without splinching himself or herself (GF6, HBP22).

The Ministry of Magic offers a 12-week series of Apparition lessons from a Ministry of Magic instructor, presumably each year. The cost for these lessons in Harry's sixth year was 12 Galleons. The lessons begin in January and are open to all students who will be of age on or before 31 August (that is, before the next school year begins). The lessons take place every Saturday; extra, heavily supervised practice sessions can be arranged. (HBP17)

The test for Hogwarts students was administered at the school (HBP22)


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