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Magic is Might Statue

"It’s horrible, isn’t it? Have you seen what they’re sitting on? Muggles. In their rightful place.”
-- Hermione Granger (DH12)

A massive black-stone statue in the Atrium at the Ministry of Magic added during the regime of Voldemort, carved with the motto “MAGIC IS MIGHT” in foot-tall letters (DH12).

  • Replaced the earlier Fountain of Magical Brethren statue depicting an idealized view of harmony in the Wizarding World (OP36).
  • The "MAGIC IS MIGHT" motto referred to the domination of Muggles by the Wizarding World, or as Hermione said "putting Muggles in their proper place" according to the Dark Lord's vision of the Wizarding World (DH12). The statue displayed a giant Witch and Wizard on imperial thrones hideously carved to depict the piled-up naked bodies of Muggle men, women, and children with distorted faces (DH12).


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