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Spirit Division


"Meanwhile a large delegation of ghosts (who had been barred under Muldoon's leadership on the grounds that they did not walk on two legs, but glided) attended but left in disgust at what they later termed "the Council's unashamed emphasis on the needs of the living as opposed to the wishes of the dead." (FB)

A division of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures with responsibility for ghosts

The Spirit Division was established by Grogan Stump, Minister for Magic, in 1811 (FB)

  • Formed when ghosts argued that they weren't Beings, they were clearly "Has-Beens" and deserved special treatment (FB).
  • Handled Olive Hornby's complaint about Moaning Myrtle - the ghost of Myrtle Elizabeth Warren (JKR:Tw) - haunting her. Myrtle was forced to return to Hogwarts and haunt the place of her death instead: a bathroom (GF25).


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