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Office of Misinformation

"The Office of Misinformation has been working around the clock"
-- Cornelius Fudge to the Muggle Prime Minister (HBP1)

This office deals with the most serious breaches of Muggles who notice wizarding activity

The Office of Misinformation deals with the explanations needed when magic and Muggles collide so spectacularly that the consequences can't easily be hidden from the Muggle world. The Office liaises with the Muggle prime minister to concoct a non-magical explanation for the events that have occurred (FB)

Their activities would include:

  • Giants ripping up trees in the West Country became a "hurricane" (HBP1)
  • Voldemort's destruction of the the Brockdale Bridge was blamed on "rusted rigging and corroded expansion joints" (HBP1)
  • The killing of a Muggle family, reported on Potterwatch while Harry was on the run, was attributed to a gas leak (DH22)



The department and location of this Office is not stated, it may be in the same section as the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee or is possibly an independent office on its own.

It is also not clear when the Office came into being. It may have been in place to explain away the hole blasted in the street by Peter Pettigrew after killing the Potters. This traumatic event was attributed to a gas main explosion (PA3)

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