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Department of International Magical Co-operation

"....we’ve got quite enough on our plates at the Department of International Magical Co-operation without trying to find members of other departments too. As you know, we’ve got another big event to organise right after the World Cup."

-- Percy Weasley (GF5)

A department in the Ministry of Magic, which is responsible for International relations with other countries

US editions: “Department of International Magical Cooperation”

Head: Barty Crouch senior (until 1995)

Other Personnel:

  • Percy Weasley 1994 - 1995 (GF3)

Main Offices: level five of Ministry of Magic Headquarters (OP7)

  • work with magical governments of other countries
  • sets standards for trade
  • creates regulations for things like cauldron thickness
  • worked with Department of Magical Games and Sports on the Triwizard Tournament

International Confederation of Wizards, British Seats

International Magical Office of Law

International Magical Trading Standards Body

This department was established by Artemisia Lufkin c. 1800. (Pm: Ministers for Magic)


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