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Wilkie Twycross

"Perfect deliberation, divination and desperation, or whatever the hell it is - we all went for a quick drink in the Three Broomsticks after and you should’ve heard Twycross going on about her - I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t pop the question soon -."
-- Ron Weasley (HBP21)

Wilkie Twycross

Wilkie Twycross is an Apparition Instructor from the Ministry of Magic.

An oddly colourless man, Twycross earned some rather unpleasant nicknames during these especially difficult classes, most starting with the letter “D”. He is thin and wispy, almost as if a breath of wind could blow him away (HBP18).


Apparition skills: Destination, Determination, Deliberation



Wilkie derives from the name William, which itself comes from the Germanic name Willahelm (wil = "will, desire" and helm = "helmet, protection" (Behind the Name). The name may also be a reference to the English author Wilkie Collins, who wrote what has been called the first modern detective novel.

Twycross is an English surname, originating from a village called Twycross in Leicestershire. The name of the village may derive Old English tui meaning "double" and cros, a crossroad or junction (Internet Surname Database).


While being able to apparate from place to place is convenient, it is a difficult skill to learn - and get right. Not every wizard can be bothered with it (GF6).

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