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Scamander family

Scamander family

The Scamanders are a notable wizarding family whose members have worked with magical creatures for generations.

Notable Members:
Lorcan Scamander
Lysander Scamander
Luna Lovegood
Newton Scamander
Theseus Scamander
Porpentina Goldstein Scamander
Rolf Scamander

Newt and Tina have three Kneazles named Hoppy, Milly, and Mauler (FB).

Newt and his grandson Rolf are both well-known Magizoologists (and Rolf's wife Luna is a wizarding naturalist), but the family affinity for magical creatures goes back at least one generation further - to Newt's mother, who raised fancy Hippogriffs.

The Scamanders are primarily a U.K. family, but Porpentina is from the United States (FB).


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