Arnulf Moe

"....the Dukuwaqa bit first."
-- Daily Prophet report from the Opening Ceremony (Pm)

Arnulf Moe

Arnulf Moe was the manager of Norway’s National Quidditch Team in 2014.

For the opening ceremony of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, Moe made the controversial decision to bring the Selma as Norway's mascot, which had some rather disastrous consequences. Arnulf Moe remained unapologetic directly after the bloodbath (Pm).

His team, originally one of the two tournament favourites to win, still faced resentment from injured spectators during the opening match of the tournament, which they won by 340 points to Ivory Coast's 100 (Pm).

However, they lost their quarter-final match against the eventual tournament winners, Bulgaria, by 170 points to 20 - a shock result all around (Pm).



The first name Arnulf can be a form of the name Arnulfo, a German name which means "a mighty eagle" (arn meaning "eagle" and wulf meaning "wolf") (Quick Baby Names), or Arnold, another German name meaning "strong as an eagle" (Quick Baby Names).

The surname Moe is Norwegian, a name derived from farmsteads named Moe or Mo, which themselves come from the Old Norse mór = "plain, moor, heath" (Dictionary of American Family Names).

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