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Abominable Snowman



The phrase "Abominable Snowman" began when British Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Howard-Bury wrote a book recounting his expedition to Mount Everest in 1921. After seeing large prints at a high altitude, his Sherpa guides  "at once volunteered that the tracks must be that of 'The Wild Man of the Snows', to which they gave the name 'metoh-kangmi'" - 'Metoh' translates as 'man-bear' and 'Kang-mi' translates as 'snowman.'" Later a journalist in Calcutta labeled the creature "Abominable" meaning bad or horrible and the name was published in newspapers around the world (Source: Wikipedia).

Many Americans grew up watching the Christmas holiday special "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," in which the creatures of the North Pole live in fear of the "Abominable Snow Creature" or "Bumble."

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