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Wampus Cat

The Wampus cat is a magical creature, featured in No-Maj American folklore, which lives in the forests of East Tennessee. The Wampus cat is described as being similar to a cougar. Its great strength and speed make it nearly impossible to kill. Young Wampus kittens are playful and known to be active at dawn.

Webster Boot chooses the Wampus cat to represent his Ilvermorny house; its traits reflect his loyal but disputatious personality.

Famed wandmaker Johannes Jonker uses the hair of the Wampus Cat as a wand core (Pm).



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Story of the Wampus Cat from Appalachian

"In Missouri they call it a Gallywampus; in Arkansas it’s the Whistling Wampus; in Appalachia it’s the just a plain old Wampus (or Wampas) cat. A half-dog, half-cat creature that can run erect or on all fours, it’s rumored to be seen just after dark or right before dawn all throughout the Appalachians. But that’s about all everyone agrees on. In non-Native American cultures it’s a howling, evil creature, with yellow eyes that can supposedly pierce the hearts and souls of those unfortunate enough to cross its path, driving them to the edge of sanity... [read more]

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