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Bigfoot is another name for the Yeti; this variety lives in the Pacific Northwest of the United States (FB).

  • In 1892, the Sasquatch staged a rebellion against MACUSA after being persecuted and attacked at will by Irene Kneedander, Head of the Body for Protection of Magical Species. Due to the uprising, MACUSA was forced to remove their headquarters from Washington State to New York City (Pm:MACUSA).
  • Wizard Ortiz O'Flaherty wrote a book about the The Great Sasquatch Rebellion called Big Foot’s Last Stand (PM: History of Magic in North America).



Bigfoot has allegedly left trails of impossibly large footprints behind as evidence, hence the common name.

The Salish Tribe of Native Americans refer to Bigfoot as "Sasquatch", meaning "large hairy man of the forest."

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