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Who Enforces the Statute of Secrecy to the Muggles?


“My dear Prime Minister, are you ever going to tell anybody?” Still chortling, Fudge had thrown some powder into the fireplace, stepped into the emerald flames, and vanished with a whooshing sound. The Prime Minister had stood there, quite motionless, and realized that he would never, as long as he lived, dare mention this encounter to a living soul, for who in the wide world would believe him?

-- HBP1

Who Enforces the Statute of Secrecy to the Muggles?

Did you know that muggles are not held to the statute of secrecy? A muggle that knows about the wizarding world can share that information with other muggles. We find this out by the fact that Petunia at some point tells Vernon about her sister being a witch; I wonder when she decided to drop that bomb on him.

How far does the family link of knowledge of the wizarding world go? If Hermione had a cousin would they know about the wizarding world? We know that the British Prime Minister knows and was told no one would believe him if he shared the information. I wonder if that is really true.

If all the muggles that know about the wizarding world got together how large would the group be? Would it be enough to get other muggles believing as well? Do you think this could be a problem for the Ministry at some point?



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