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Peeves’s Hat


Headmistress of the day, Eupraxia Mole, agreed to sign a contract allowing Peeves additional privileges, such as a once-weekly swim in the boys' toilets on the ground floor, first refusal on stale bread from the kitchen for throwing purposes, and a new hat – to be custom-made by Madame Bonhabille of Paris.
-- Pottermore: Peeves (Pm)

A bell-covered hat made by Madame Bonhabille of Paris (GF12, Pm).

In 1876 a Hogwarts caretaker named Rancourous Carp baited a trap for Peeves with various weapons he might enjoy, hoping to lure him and then drop a large bell jar over him (Pm). But Peeves broke the jar and escaped "armed with several cutlasses, crossbows, a blunderbuss and a miniature cannon," which caused the castle to be evacuated. Rancorous Carp was so traumatized by the failure of his plan, he took early retirement and left the school.

Peeves won this battle because he wouldn't surrender until Headmistress Eupraxia Mole promised him several things (Pm):

  • He could swim in the boys first floor toilets once a week
  • He could have stale bread from the kitchens for throwing
  • He could have a new hat made by Madame Bonhabille of Paris


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