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The Harry Potter Canon

Harry Potter’s owl, which Hagrid buys for Harry from Eeylops Owl Emporium as an 11th birthday present in August of 1991. Hedwig is a snowy owl. Hedwig is a friend to Harry, but also delivers his mail, as all owls do.

Harry found the name for his owl in his first year textbook A History of Magic, so apparently there was a witch or magical being with that name.


Companion to Harry Potter


Delivering mail

Loving, loyal, and stubborn companion to Harry Potter

Other canon notes and references

The death of Hedwig symbolizes a loss of innocence for Harry Potter; he grows up and turns 17, the adult wizard age.

Gender Female
Birthday Late 1900s, perhaps late '80s or early '90s
Species / Race Owl
Hair Snowy white feathers, snowy owl
Eyes Amber
Profession Owl, mail delivery
First Introduced PS5



Hedwig's name was taken from St. Hedwig, who was a Medieval saint (offsiteJKR). This was probably St. Hedwig of Andechs (1174-1243) who was a Polish duchess and is the patron saint of brides, death of children, difficult marriages and widows (offsiteCatholic Encyclopedia).


Hedwig is played by Gizmo in the films, with stunt replacements, Ook and Sprout.

The Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus) is not common in the British Isles. They are found mostly in Canada, and other norther parts of the world.

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