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Preparation for the Horcrux Hunt

Preparation for the Horcrux Hunt

There was no way that Hermione and Ron were going to let Harry go Horcrux hunting alone. So they had to prepare.

Hermione started to research, as she does, spells and potions that she thought they would need. One of those spells helped her create her purple beaded bag with the Undetectable Extension Charm where she put everything she thought they would need – ranging from books, to clothes, to their tent. Hermione realized that while she was in hiding her parents would be vulnerable, so she made plans to modify their memories to forget about their life, to forget about her and to send them away to Australia.

Ron started to realize that his family would be targeted when he didn’t turn up to school, especially now that it was mandatory for all young witches and wizards to attend Hogwarts. Arthur, Fred and George charmed the Weasley family ghoul to look like Ron. They then made it look as though it had spattergroit, which would make him unable to attend school at all as it is contagious and affects the memory.

Harry was trying to convince his family, the Dursleys, to leave their home in Little Whinging and go into hiding, to go away so that they would be safe, and as Uncle Vernon continually changed his mind every 24 hours over these four weeks, Harry was having the same conversation over and over again. In between each conversation, Harry was cleaning out his trunk and Hedwig’s cage, getting it all ready. He also packed up his rucksack with clothes ready to leave – ready to start hunting the Horcruxes to kill Voldemort, once and for all.


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