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Anthony Goldstein

Anthony Goldstein was a Ravenclaw student in Harry’s year who became a prefect (OP10) and a member of the D.A. (OP16). He fought in the Battle of Hogwarts (DH29 ff.).

Anthony is Jewish (JKR:Tw).


Anthony is distantly related to Queenie Goldstein and Porpentina Scamander (JKR:Tw).



Anthony is the English form of the Roman last name Antonius. The name became popular because of Saint Anthony the Great and Saint Anthony of Padua. Goldstein is a German-Jewish last name combining the words "gold" and "stone."


According to the notes shown in the 2001 Harry Potter and Me  BBC special, Anthony was a half-blood. However, they also show that he was a Hufflepuff, which isn't true in the books.

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