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Silencing Charm

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The Harry Potter Canon

Magically silences the target of the spell.

Similar to Muffliato

References from the canon

  • The song of the Fwooper will drive the listener insane and must therefore be sold with a Silencing Charm on it. This charm must be recast on the Fwooper every month (FB).
  • Fifth-years work on this spell in Charms using bullfrogs and ravens (OP18).
  • Hermione cast this spell on a Death Eater during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, which caused the spell he used to attack her to be a lot less damaging. He still knocked her out, though, and did "enough damage to be going on with," according to Pomfrey (OP35, OP38).



"silencio" L. to be quiet

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