-- Minerva McGonagall (PA13)


The Firebolt, released in the summer of 1993, is the fastest racing broom in the world at that time. Developed by Randolph Spudmore, it is ground-breaking in that it has goblin-made ironwork parts – although working with goblins leads to frequent strikes, making this quite a rare broom.


streamlined, superfine handle of ash (or ebony), treated with a diamond-hard polish

hand-numbered with its own registration number

tail twigs of birch, individually selected and honed to aerodynamic perfection

un-surpassable balance

pinpoint precision

acceleration of 150 mph in 10 seconds

unbreakable Braking Charm

when you pick it up then let go, it hovers at exactly the right height to mount

turns with the lightest touch, seems to obey thought rather than grip

superbly smooth action


Harry saw a prototype in Quality Quidditch Supplies the summer it came out and was sorely tempted to empty his Gringotts vault to buy one (PA4). He resisted the temptation, however, and to his surprise receives a Firebolt for Christmas from his godfather, Sirius Black (PA11).

Professor McGonagall took his away his Firebolt on Christmas Day, to have it checked for hexes and jinxes, since the gift had arrived anonymously. Both his friend Ron Weasley and the team captain of Gryffindor, Oliver Wood, considered that stripping the broom down would be a crime. However, it was returned intact before the next match (PA11, PA12, PA13).

The Irish International Side flew Firebolt brooms in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup (GF8).

Harry summoned the Firebolt to get through the first task of the Triwizard Tournament (GF20).

When he was banned from playing Quidditch, Professor Umbridge confiscated his Firebolt (OP19).

Harry received a miniature model of a Firebolt from Tonks for Christmas in 1995 (OP23).

Harry lost his Firebolt in the Battle of Seven Potters (DH4).



fire-bolt is defined as a "thunderbolt" or "flash of lightning" (Oxford English Dictionary).


The placard in the window of Quality Quidditch Supplies has the Firebolt's broom handle described as being "ash" (PA4), but in the description written by J K Rowling for Pottermore it is listed as "ebony" (QWC).

The Firebolt Supreme, possibly a new improved model of the classic Firebolt broom from the same manufacturer, was chosen by the Bulgarian National Team at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup (QWC).

If a firebolt is a lightning strike, then is the name of Harry's new broom a match to his scar? This may be another reason why his new Firebolt broom feels immediately like a part of himself. --td

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