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Broom Racing

Broom Racing

Broom Racing against another witch or wizard on broomsticks has probably existed as long as they have had brooms to ride on (QA2).

In response to the need for speed and control, broom manufacturers kept pushing the development limits of racing brooms, such as the Comet, Cleansweep and Nimbus series of brooms. An entire chapter of the book Quidditch Through the Ages is devoted to this history (QA9).

In the 10th century a broom race was held in Sweden - from Kopparberg to Arjeplog - a distance of about 300 miles. The race was so popular it was made into an annual tradition which still continues today, over 1000 years later (QA2).

Another broom race, between Silvio Astofli and Torquil MacTavish from Aberdeen to Rome in 1754, resulted in the destruction of the Colosseum. Fortunately Orabella Nuttley's demonstration of her newly invented Mending Charm saved them from a serious breach of the International Statute of Secrecy (BoS).


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