Mending Charm

Undoes damage to an object.

History and Notes

History and notes (BoS3):

  • This powerful version of a spell to repair damage was invented by Orabella Nuttley in the mid-1700s.
  • The spell will work on most materials, but some are immune to its effects, particularly if damaged by powerful curses.
  • It shouldn't be used to try to close wounds on humans or animals, as severe scarring can result.

References from the canon

  • Probably the spell Mr. Weasley used to repair Harry's glasses (CS4), Bill Weasley used to repair the table leg (GF5), and Percy used to repair his glasses when he bowed just a little bit too low (GF8).
  • Hermione cast this spell to repair the broken glass in the door to a railway carriage compartment (GF11)
  • McGonagall used what is very likely this spell to restore the leg of Neville's desk, which he had accidentally vanished (CS16).
  • Harry used this to fix the china bowl of Murtlap essence he'd knocked to the floor. The spell couldn't put the liquid back in the repaired bowl, however (OP15).
  • Snape used this spell to repair a shattered jar in his office during Occlumency lessons (OP26).
  • Hermione used this to repair a teacup that Ron had broken in Transfiguration (OP30).
  • Horace Slughorn and Albus Dumbledore seem to have cast this spell nonverbally (and in a masterly way) to undo the damage Slughorn had inflicted upon his borrowed living quarters in Budleigh Babberton (HBP4).
  • Tiberius Ogden used the spell to repair a pot that Merope Gaunt had broken. Her father was infuriated that Ogden would interfere (HBP10).
  • After cutting the covers off the old and new Potions textbooks in his possession and swapping them, Harry "repaired" the two swapped covers simultaneously by tapping each, then giving the incantation once (HBP11).
  • Harry used this to repair a bowl he had broken in Herbology (HBP14) and a set of scales broken in the corridor outside the Room of Requirement (HBP20).
  • Harry attempted to use this to keep the sidecar attached to the flying motorbike, but it didn't work (DH4).
  • The spell didn't work using Hermione's wand to repair Harry's broken wand (DH17) but it did work when the Elder Wand was used (DH36).
  • Also mentioned: WOMBAT test 1, WOMBAT test 2 (JKR)



"reparare" L. repair, restore


  • In the Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets movies, instead of Mr. Weasley repairing Harry's glasses silently as he does in the Chamber of Secrets book, Hermione repairs the glasses with the incantation "Occulus Reparo," probably meaning "mend the eyeglasses." This version of Reparo does not exist in the book canon (PS/f,CS/f).

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