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Oakshaft 79

Oakshaft 79

The Oakshaft was a broom created by Elias Grimstone in 1879.

The broom-maker, who hailed from Portsmouth, crafted this heavy, reliable broom specifically for long-distance flights, where any high or volatile wind conditions could make it dangerous for a rider on a lighter, less stable broomstick (QA9).

In spite of its thick handle, the Oakshaft 79 is considered to be a good-looking broom (and is much sought after as a vintage collectible), but it is too slow to be used to play Quidditch (QA9).

In 1935, Jocunda Sykes crossed the Atlantic Ocean on an Oakshaft 79 – the first rider on a broom to do so (QA9).



The "mighty oak" is often used as a metaphor for the strength and solidity of people of England. As a wand wood, English Oak requires a wizard or witch with attributes of "strength, courage and fidelity".


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