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Silver Arrow

"-- a pity they've stopped making them. I learned to fly on one, and a very fine old broom it was too...."
-- Madam Hooch (PA13)

Silver Arrow

The Silver Arrow was a popular broom produced by Leonard Jewkes, developed sometime after the Moontrimmer of 1901 and before the advent of the Cleansweep One in 1926.

The good-looking Silver Arrow broom achieved higher speeds than either the Moontrimmer or the Oakshaft 79. Its maximum speed of 70 miles per hour with a decent tailwind was very good for its time. However, also like the Moontrimmer, the demand for the Silver Arrow was higher than Mr Jewkes could manufacture (QA9).

Madam Hooch had one once upon a time and remembers it fondly. She compared the Firebolt to it in a way that suggests that the Silver Arrow had a slim handle which might have been made of ash (PA13).

A vintage Silver Arrow in “excellent condition” is advertised for sale in the Daily Prophet (DP2).



The Appleby Arrows quidditch team have a silver arrow as their insignia. Perhaps they either rode Silver Arrow brooms at some point and/or their team could have been sponsored by them (QA7).

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Although the date printed on the second Daily Prophet Newsletter (DP2) is 8 February 1999, the timeframe for this event is 1992-1993.

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