"Levski - Dimitrov - Moran - Troy - Mullet - Ivanova - Moran again - Moran - MORAN SCORES!"
-- Bulgaria v Ireland final, 1994 Quidditch World Cup (GF8)


Moran was a Chaser on the Irish National Team in the 1990s (GF8).

Along with fellow Chasers Mullet and Troy (and teammates Connolly, Ryan and Lynch), Moran represented Ireland in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup tournament. Riding on Firebolt brooms, the team were in the final against Bulgaria. Throughout this exciting match their skills threatened to overwhelm their opponents but, surprisingly, their win came quite suddenly, after Bulgarian Seeker Viktor Krum made an early capture of the Snitch (GF8).

The 1994 tournament is usually best remembered for the international debut of Krum and the reappearance of the Dark Mark/chaos in the campground that took place afterwards (GF9, Pm).



Moran is a derived from the Irish names O'Morain and O'Moghrain of Connacht. The Gaelic O means "male descendant of" and Morain comes from mor meaning "great" or "large" (Internet Surname Database).


Like the other members of the Irish National Team, Moran is named for one of J.K. Rowling's friends:

"The Irish Quidditch team players are all named after people I have known. 'Moran', 'Troy' and 'Quigley,' are good friends." (JKR)

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