First record of Quidditch players from Ireland

"A team of Warlocks from Cork flew over for a game in Lancashire and did offend the locals by beating their heroes soundly."
-- Zacharias Mumps (QA8)

First record of Quidditch players from Ireland

Until this point in 1385, there was no record that the game of Quidditch had migrated over to Ireland. This match is played against a team from Lancashire but involves Irish players who had come over from Cork, which indicates that the game had been played there in Ireland for some time before this. The match is mentioned in a book about Quidditch written in 1398 by Zacharias Mumps (QA8).



After the match, the Irish team were run out of town by irate locals (QA8). The Lancastrians didn't like losing to suspiciously skilled foreign warlocks....

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