"Shhh! you’ll wake the Muggles!"

Hi, my name is ibid.

I first came across the Harry Potter books when I was younger. I've gone through several in and out phases since. I currently specialize most in Rowling's Harry Potter writings outside of the books, which I'm pretty sure that I have completely read.

I am also somewhat active on reddit (/u/ibid-11962 and /r/RowlingWritings) and scifi.stackexchange (users/55866/ibid). I occasionally write articles for The Rowling Library.

More information about me can probably be found in a previous post. (Yes that was a joke. Get it? Ha Ha.)

ibid (ibid)
Hogwarts HouseRavenclaw
Ilvermorny HouseWampus
Calls HomeUnited States (currently)
Favorite HP BookOotP
Favorite HP FilmThe Battle of Hogwarts (https://youtu.be/lBEVM9QHn_Q)
Favorite CharacterAnthony Goldstein
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Introduction In the book, these cards are collected and traded by students and referred to as Chocolate Frog Cards. However, “real” versions of these cards exist, created by Rowling herself, providing a fascinating look into the vast scope of Wizarding history. After the release of the fourth book, the world… Read More