Barry Ryan

"... the rest of the team felt this save compared favourably with one made recently by Barry Ryan, the Irish International Keeper, against Poland's top Chaser...."
-- discussion of Ron Weasley's spectacular save during Quidditch practice (OP19)



Barry comes from the Irish name Bairre, a diminutive of Barrfhionn or Fionnbharr meaning fionn "white, fair" and barr "head", "fair-haired". Saint Fionnbharr of Cork was a 6th-century bishop (Behind the Name).

Ryan is an Irish surname deriving from Old Gaelic O'Maoilriain "descendant of Maolriain", which may come from maol/mal "chief" and rian, Old Irish for "water" (Internet Surname Database).


Ryan made an outstanding save against Polish Chaser Ladislaw Zamojski that was compared to one of Ron's (OP19).

Like the other members of the Irish National Team, Ryan is named for one of J.K. Rowling's friends:

"The Irish Quidditch team players are all named after people I have known." (JKR)

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