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Randolph Spudmore

Randolph Spudmore

Randolph Spudmore is the innovative designer of the popular Firebolt broom.

He is the son of Able Spudmore of Ellerby & Spudmore, broom manufacturers of the Swiftstick and Tinderblast models (MagSp).

The design and manufacture of the Firebolt broom was his secret project, released in 1993. Even now not all of its design features are understood, including some tricky goblin patented items (MagSp).


Some vital ones for an inventor: ability to improve and innovate - and keep it a secret



Randolph, a variant of Randulf (Randolf), is derived from the Germanic elements rand, meaning "rim (of a shield)", and wulf, meaning "wolf". It was brought to England via the Normans as Randúlfr (Behind the Name).

A spud is British slang for a potato.


Spudmore or his company may also have designed the Firebolt Supreme broom, which was flown by Bulgaria when they won the Quidditch World Cup tournament in 2014 (QWC).

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