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Isobel McGonagall

Isobel Ross was a lovely, spirited witch who lived in a small village in the Highlands of Scotland. Isobel was an outstanding student at Hogwarts. She was top of the class in Charms and Captain of Quidditch. She fell in love with a Muggle from the town, the Reverend Robert McGonagall, and they eloped. It wasn’t until the birth of their first child, a daughter she insisted to be named Minerva after Isobel’s grandmother, that Robert was told the truth: that his wife was a witch.

Although Robert’s love for Isobel never wavered, the fact that she’d kept such a secret from him for years damaged their relationship. The loss of trust between them and the need for living a double life took its toll on the couple. They had two more children, both boys, and all three children were magical.


Highly proficient in Charms and an excellent Quidditch player

Isobel McGonagall (née Ross)
Gender Female
Dates fl. early 1900s
Species / Race Witch
Distinguishing Features Spirited, beautiful
School Hogwarts - Student
Affiliations Captain of Quidditch
Family Groups McGonagall family


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