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Searching for Gwenog


With yesterday’s emphasis on Quidditch, I’ve been muddling about with the Portkey, adding information to the Timeline, and testing out how it all fits together. When I add a date to the Timeline, for example, it’s supposed to appear on the Timelines tab of the associated Portkey entries.

I tend to work in outline mode, by which I mean that I go to the “Book Outlines” menu and choose the book I want to work with. When I click on a book (or other canon source), the Portkey shows me the full organized list of events from that source. So while I’m adding things to Quidditch Through the Ages, I keep the outline of that book on my Portkey screen.

As part of that process, I was adding information about Gwenog Jones, the brilliant but dangerous captain of the Harpies. I went through the various places she appears and tagged her on those entries, some of which hadn’t been tagged or iconned yet. Then I did a search of the Portkey for ‘gwenog jones’. I thought the thing had quit on me. It took over sixty seconds to do the search, and there was nothing on the screen to indicate that the search was still going on. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Obviously, this needs some tweaking. The search should be faster, although as the amount of information increases, that may be a problem. But some sort of “Search in progress…” notice on the screen would also be very helpful. I don’t currently have a programmer to work on those things, but when I find one, I’ll see what can be done.

In the meantime, if you do a search of the Portkey for a term (as opposed to an advanced search, which goes much faster), please be patient. The Portkey might look like it’s choked, but it’s just busy searching through a LOT of information. And if you know of a good programmer who might want to help with this, let me know.



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  • Aubry


    First Comment.

    Was Gwenog still Head of the Harpies when Ginny played?

  • Very likely, since she was Captain in 1996, and Ginny joined the team sometime around 2000. But we don’t know for sure.

  • Reader2

    Since you brought it up:
    Do you plan on updateing the “Teams of Brittian” page?
    With the info from DP Newsletter, you could double the lists.

  • I was wondering in HP7 in Ch 36, when it said “… Harry saw Charlie Weasley overtaking Horace Slughorn, who was still wearing his emerald pajamas.”
    What does this mean?

  • Reader2

    As I look up the word “overtake” I see “go past” and “do better than”.

    That makes sense, since Slughorn would be likely to slow down before entering the war zone.
    Charlie (as any Weasley) would be more likely to speed up.

  • Bandersnatch

    Slughorn moves rather slowly, due to his bulk. So he may have been leading the charge, but athletic Charlie would easily overtake (pass) him.

  • Maria

    You know I am so glad someone asked that question, because I was wondering about that also. At first and the 20 other times I read it after I got the impression that Charlie was fighting Slughorn and I was dissapointed. Now I am glad. Thanks so much 🙂

  • olivier

    Personnaly, I think that Slughorn, being a Slytherin, first wants to know if it is to his personal advantage to fight… whereas Charlie, being a true Gryffindor acts by his courage – and fights! Moreover, the bulk of the former is less adapted for a fight than the stocky built of the Quidditch-player…

  • JJB

    I’m also glad for the question about Charlie and Slughorn because it gave me the impetus to finally figure out what had bothered me about it from the first–why was Charlie the former Seeker and current out-doorsy person who deals with dragons only just overtaking the out-of-shape Slughorn at the steps of the castle? After thinking about it I finally realized that Charlie would have slowed down to fight any DE who got in his way as he pelted up the drive while Slughorn would likely not have been stopped by anyone since they couldn’t be sure what his intentions were.
    Still, I was impressed that he overcame his fears and joined the battle and, furthermore, was among the three directly fighting LV in the Great Hall. In the end, he too overcame his greatest fears and stood up for what was right.

  • hpboy13

    While we’re on the subject, why didn;’t Charlie bring any dragons with him? I’m sure they would have come in handy, and I was really banking on seeind Norberta at the Final Battle!

  • JJB

    Dragons in the final battle would have been cool–um, hot?–but talk about a wild card. Good commanders: “Ready. Aim. Fire!” Impulsive leaders: “Fire! Ready. Aim.” Indecisive leaders: “Ready?” Dragons: “Fire! Fire!Fire!”

  • Reader2

    We saw what happened when Voldemort brought acromantulas into the battle, but he most certainly didn’t care if they chew up some of his own troops.
    Charlie would not be OK with something like that, especially since the dragons could’ve burned down the entire castle.

  • Randy

    Dragons in the battle wouldn’t work. They don’t obey any one and can’t be trained to obey orders (just think back of the scene where Harry sees the dragons right before the first task in Goblet of Fire).
    In the battle they would not only hurt the Death Eaters but also, like Reader2 points out, the Good Guys and the whole castle (sort of like the Giants did, but they could be controlled).
    Also, they could possibly be hurt by Death Eaters and Charlie loves the animals just too much to let them be hurt

  • hpboy13

    JJB you just had me hysterically laughing for about 10 minutes – I actually fell off the chair (you’ll get a bill from my doctor). I suppose dragons are a bit dangerous, but I wnated to see Norbert return!

  • JJB


    In my heart I shared your hope for years about Norbert at the Final Battle until I saw the dragons in GF and realized how uncontrollable they really are so that my hopes slowly evaporated. Ah well, at least we got the Gringotts dragon.

    I’m glad you appreciated my humor. As for the doctor’s bill… I’m prepared to make right any damages I inflicted but I must confess JJB isn’t my real name. In truth, it’s really an alias. My real name is, uhm, Bandersnatch! Yeah, that’s it… Just ask Lisa or Bel or Steve for the email address that goes with that—I mean *my*—name so you can receive your just compensation. Don’t forget to add in a large sum for your pain and suffering! I eagerly await your owl. ;P

    PS If you’re skeptical about my other identity, think of the funniest comments you’ve read on all these boards and, not to brag or anything, chances are the name Bandersnatch is connected to them—think “Accio baby!” and I’m sure you’ll agree! Occasionally I’ve worked to keep up the confusion by using the Bandersnatch alias to make intelligent comments, too. Also, if you check the time signature on the comments you’ll notice that JJB and Bandersnatch have never been in the same Pensive at exactly the same moment. I’m only surprised that no one has picked up on this suspicious coincidence before. XD

  • Sarah

    Hmm JJB…. I don’t quite know what to think.

    You do seem to have enjoyed having conversations with yourself in previous pensieves.

  • JJB


    I admit it sounds rather schizophrenic. I wouldn’t be surprised if a comment under the name of Bandersnatch appears denying the whole thing.;) It would only be a shameless attempt on his–I mean *my*–part to get out of compensating poor hpboy13 for his split sides and other laughter-related injuries.

  • hpboy13

    Ah, devious indeed! I suppose I should have seen it coming, many geniuses spend a copious amount of time talking to themselves. Very well, the bill will go to Bandersnatch!

  • Reader2


    Take my advice:
    Just bill them both and see which one cracks first.
    That seems to be the only sure way.

  • JJB

    But if *one* of us cracks we *both* crack.
    Reader2, you sound like a lawyer–no offense 😛 JJBandersnatch might need your services soon! Still, to be referred to as a “genius” by hpboy13 Bander might gladly pay the bill;)

    Anyone notice there aren’t any lawyers in the wizarding world? There are judges, law enforcement personnel, and a head of department who acts as Prosecutor…but none of the accused we have seen seem to have had an attorney representing them. Maybe they too read their Shakespeare and took his advice: “First kill all the lawyers.” 😛

    This sounds like a job for the Portkey–Search for: Witch/Wizard sollicitor, attorney, barister, lawyer Go.

  • hpboy13

    I think it’s cuz the government officials are alreayd so dishonest, there’s no need of lawyers! When the judge doesn’t need much to convince him, no lawyers are needed!

  • Reader2

    No offence taken, JJB, but I am hardly a lawyer.

    As for lawyers in the wizarding world, it did sound like Dumbledore was acting like a lawyer on Harry’s behalf, during his hearing, even though he refered to himself as a vitness.

    Also, JKR refered to Herminoe as a wizarding equivalent of a lawyer.
    Perhaps she is introducing the profession into the society, but hadn’t come up with a name yet.

  • Bandersnatch (the REAL one) :-D

    Why does this owl keep pestering me? Oh look, a note attached to its leg — from hpboy13…

    “Medical expenses”? “Pain and suffering”? “Humor-related injuries”!? What manner of tomfoolery is this?

    ::catches up with the thread::

    Well, I see that I can’t leave you folks alone for a second. Pay no attention to the JJB behind the curtain — for you see, JJB is actually *me*! (It stands for “Jub Jub Bird,” don’cha know!)

    😛 😀 🙂

    (PS: Thanks for the laugh!)

  • JJB

    Bander, We’re welcome (for the laugh). At least there is no chance I’ll sue myself for busting a gut*waves at self*;P

    Reader2, I think we now know which one cracked first! Jub Jub Bird indeed! 🙂

  • hpboy13

    Of course you can’t leave us alone, that should have been obvious! Have you popped itno the other Pensieve yet? We have our own eleciton of ’08 going there!
    P.S. That’s no tomfoolery! My insurance doesn’t cover humor-related injuries!

  • Marti

    Are new thoughts being added to the pensieve properly yet?

  • weasleyfan88

    The harry potterbooks are so aweasome and fun to read

    JKR is an awesome author!

    🙂 Does Gwenog Jones play on the Hollyhead Harpies? I am pretty sure Ginny likes that team

  • Alex

    Jones is the captain of that team

  • hp-diehardfan(jeass)

    i love harry potter movies and books!thanks to J.K. Rowling for sharing us her very amazing and wonderful epic!i’ve read its epilogue and its very nice!hope i can see its movie!
    jeassamine vistal(philippines)

  • nikko stephens

    harry potter is so cool

  • woww. i was just looking for an answer to that question but some kids are really weird and say devious and talk about dragons and pensieves. ummm, get a life?