Rawya Zaghloul

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Rawya Zaghloul

Quidditch player, Seeker for the Egyptian National Team (2002).

Zaghloul beat Viktor Krum to the Snitch in the final match of the 2002 Quidditch World Cup tournament (Pm).



Rawya or Rawiya is a female Arabic name meaning "storyteller" (derived from the Arabic word rawa, meaning "to relate") (BehindTheName). Her first name may be a reference to Rawya Ateya (Egyptian, 1926-1997), who in 1957 became the first woman in the Arab world to become a member of parliament (Wikipedia). Her surname may derive from Saad Zaghloul (1859-1927), who was an Egyptian revolutionary, statesman and the Prime Minister of Egypt in 1924 (Wikipedia).

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