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Elladora Guffy

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"I have clipped out your article and put it under Madam Duffy's door, and only hope that she will now see the error of her ways"
-- Ethelbald Mordaunt, letter to the Daily Prophet (DP1)

Next door neighbour to Ethelbald Mordaunt, Madam Guffy is fond of practical jokes (DP1).

She has been known on occasion to enchant Mordaunt's garden furniture. This infuriates Mr. Mordaunt, which he eloquently expresses in a letter to the Daily Prophet (DP1).


Good at charms!

Elladora Guffy
Gender Female
Dates fl. 1990s
Species / Race Witch
First Introduced DP1



While the date printed on DP1 is 31 July 1998, the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

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