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Dirk Cresswell

"Dirk Cresswell is ten times the wizard you are"
-- Arthur Weasley to Albert Runcorn (DH13)

Dirk Cresswell

Dirk Cresswell was a gifted Muggle-born student who went on to become the Head of the Goblin Liaison Office (HBP4).

He attended Hogwarts from 1972 to 1979, a year below Lily and the Marauders, and was one of Slughorn’s favourite students (and so probably a member of the Slug Club) (HBP4).

Cresswell was sent to Azkaban by the Muggle-born Registration Commission after his forged family tree was exposed by Albert Runcorn (DH12, DH13), but escaped halfway to the prison by Stunning the Auror Dawlish (DH15). He met up with the goblins Griphook and Gornuk, and then with Ted Tonks and Dean Thomas, who were also in hiding (DH15). Cresswell was eventually caught and murdered by Death Eaters, along with Ted Tonks and the goblin Gornuk, and their deaths were announced on Potterwatch (DH22).


He had a wife and sons (DH13).


Gifted student.

Must have some offensive/defensive magical skills seeing as he managed to escape going to Azkaban by Stunning Dawlish - although Dawlish had recently been Confunded (DH1, DH15), so this feat would have been easier than usual.

Other canon notes and references

He became Head of the Goblin Liaison office some time between summer 1994 and summer 1996 (Cuthbert Mockridge was the head in 1994 (GF7) but Cresswell had taken over by the time Harry and Dumbledore visited Slughorn in 1996 (HBP4)).

A "bushily whiskered man" told Harry (who was disguised as Albert Runcorn) that he was confident of getting Cresswell's job now that Runcorn had sent him to Azkaban (DH12).


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