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Dirk Cresswell escapes imprisonment

“I was halfway to Azkaban when I made a break for it, Stunned Dawlish, and nicked his broom. It was easier than you’d think; I don’t reckon he’s quite right at the moment. Might be Confunded. If so, I’d like to shake the hand of the witch or wizard who did it, probably saved my life.”
-- Dirk Cresswell (DH15)

Dirk Cresswell escapes imprisonment

Dirk Cresswell is on his way to Azkaban when he Stuns auror John Dawlish, steals his broom, and escapes. Dirk Cresswell tells this story to Ted Tonks, Griphook, Gornuk, and Dean Thomas and implies his escape wasn’t difficult as Dawlish appeared Confunded. (DH15)


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