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Harry, Ron, and Hermione move to a new town with Dementors, and realize the negative effects of wearing the Horcrux

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The Harry Potter Canon

On the run after escaping the Ministry, Harry, Ron and Hermione set up camp at the edge of a small town. Harry then takes his Invisibility Cloak and goes into the town in search of food. However, he does not get very far before he encounters dementors and discovers that he is unable to conjure a patronus. He reports this to Ron and Hermione, feeling defeated. Tired and hungry, the three friends have begun to bicker when Hermione remembers that Harry has been wearing the locket Horcrux for safekeeping. She tells him to take it off, and he immediately feels better after doing so. They decide that they will take turns wearing the locket, to minimize its effect. (DH15)