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The Harry Potter Canon

"Gwenog told me she often played herself. Went home in disgust."
-- extract from Gertie Keddle's diary (QA3)

Gwenog was a friend of Gertie Kettle who was interested in the wizarding game being played on Queerditch Marsh.

Gertie Keddle's diary records that her friend Gwenog came over for tea and they then went out and watched some wizards and witches knocking around rocks while flying on broomsticks (QA3).



Gwenog is most likely a made-up Welsh name. Gwen is the feminine form of the name/word Gwyn, meaning "white". Og can mean "a harrow (type of plough)". However "og" can also be added to a noun (eg. "niwl" +og = niwlog "foggy", "cloud" cwmwl +og = cymylog "cloudy").

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