Mead is a variety of alcohol that seemed to have been popular among British wizards since at least the 1100s. It was consumed at celebrations and casual visits. Different types of mead include mulled mead and oak-matured mead.

  • Oona, an innkeeper in Yorkshire in the 1100s, gave free mead to the local "Kwidditch" team all night to celebrate the team’s victory over Ilkley (QA3).
  • Mulled mead was a favorite of Hagrid's (PA10).
  • Madam Rosmerta served mulled mead at the Three Broomsticks (GF19).
  • When chatting with the Dursleys in their living room, Dumbledore conjured up glasses of “Madam Rosmerta's finest oak-matured mead,” which persistently knocked against the Dursleys' heads while they refused to drink the mead (HBP3).
  • To celebrate Ron’s seventeenth birthday, Slughorn shared a bottle of mead originally acquired for Professor Dumbledore, which turned out to be poisoned (HBP18).


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