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Exploring January in the Harry Potter Universe


Exploring January in the Harry Potter Universe

The excitement of the impending holidays during December gives way in January to the dull routine of the beginning of the winter term at Hogwarts. The students return, typically aboard the Hogwarts Express, the first weekend of the month. Quidditch practices begin again and the first match of the new term is played mid-month.

During Harry’s time at Hogwarts, a few major events happened in January to break the routine:


Jan 6, 1994: Lupin starts teaching Harry the Patronus Charm

Jan 15, 1994: Slytherin narrowly defeats Ravenclaw in the first Quidditch match of the term


Jan 4, 1995: Rita Skeeter’s article about Hagrid appears in the Daily Prophet

Jan 21, 1995: Harry takes the egg he recovered during the First Task for a bath and learns that he must find a way to explore the Lake


Jan 11, 1996: Sirius and Snape argue at Grimmauld Place

Jan 12, 1996: In a break with the normal routine, the Trio return to Hogwarts via Knight Bus, escorted by Tonks and Lupin

Jan 13, 1996 First Occlumency lesson with Snape doesn’t go well. Also that day, ten Death Eaters escape from Azkaban.

Jan 14, 1996: The death of Broderick Bode

Jan 15, 1996: Educational Decree 26 Teachers are not allowed to give information to students beyond their lessons


Jan 6. 1997: In his third lesson with Dumbledore, Harry enters a memory to see Morfin tell teenage Voldemort that his father was a Muggle. Then Harry watches a flawed memory from Slughorn and Dumbledore gives Harry the task of getting the real memory

Jan 7, 1997: The next day, Harry asks Slughorn about the memory after Potions class

January Birthdays

January 6, 1903: Queenie Goldstein

January 9, 1960: Severus Snape

January 26, 1964: Gilderoy Lockhart

January 30, 1960: Lily Potter

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