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Goblet of Fire 19-37 Canon Celebration

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Goblet of Fire 19-37 Canon Celebration

The preliminaries events are over and it is time for the tasks. What will the Triwizard Tournament bring? Could things get any worse?

Ready to find out? Here we go!


Canon Thoughts: Goblet of Fire by Steve VanderArk

Summoning Charms by Abby Koop

Triwizard Tournament champions with trophy.Unicorns by Susan

Episode 9: “The Dark Arts…are you TRYING to be bad?” by Steve VanderArk

Re-Readability by Eileen Jones

Sort Too Soon? by Eileen Jones

The Weird Sisters by Bridget Barlett

Fan Conversations: Hufflepuff Characters by Eileen Jones

Reader’s Guides:

These guides were originally written in March of 2002. Since that time, a few edits were made here and there but basically the text remained the same. To get ready for this Canon Celebration, our editors have been revising each one. We’ve added fan artwork to the Guide which illustrates the text. At the bottom in the Commentary section we’ve added a gallery of additional artwork. So even if you’ve read our guides before, please give them another look. And if you’re doing a re-read of the first book, have the Guide to each chapter open as you go! I’m sure you’ll find a lot of information you didn’t know.

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 19

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 20

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 21

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 22

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 23

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 24

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 25

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 26

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 27

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 28

Triwizard Tournament "hostages" tied to merpeople statue.Reader’s Guide to Chapter 29

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 30

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 31

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 32

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 33

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 34

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 35

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 36

Reader’s Guide to Chapter 37


Fitting the books into the real-life calendars isn’t easy! In fact, it’s impossible. But that didn’t stop us:

Day by day calendar of events in the book

Text Changes of the Editions and the Years

Differences between the British and American versions

Edits and changes to the text


Voldemort’s Agents, Malfoy’s Cronies, and Hagrid’s Chums: Friendship in Harry Potter by Harald Thorsrund

The Death Eaters: A Guide to Who Was Where by Liam

Prejudice: A Great Theme of the Books by Steve VanderArk

The Complications with Memory by Suzanne Foster

The “Wand Order Problem” by Steve Beers

The Number Six by Michele Worley

The Number Seven by Michele Worley

Interesting Artwork

We have hundreds and hundreds of pieces of fan artwork in our collection. Some subjects get a lot of depictions — Diagon Alley is a favorite topic, for example, and, well, of course it is! But there are a few pieces which illustrate more unusual moments in the text. Here are a few examples:

Harry about to take dragon egg.Harry, the golden egg and the Hungarian Horntail (GF20)

Fred Weasley and Angelina Johnson dancing at the Yule Ball (GF23)

Cedric Diggory and his golden egg in the Prefect’s bathroom (GF25)

The Second Task (GF26)

Viktor Krum and Harry encounter Barty Crouch Sr in the Forbidden Forest (GF28)

Fleur Delacour in the Triwizard maze (GF31)

Harry and Lord Voldemort in the Little Hangleton graveyard (GF33)

The twin wand cores of Harry and Lord Voldemort clash (GF34)

Hermione has Rita Skeeter under control (GF37)

Artwork Challenge

We have tons of images of the Dementors and Divination. Snape and Potions lessons are another very popular topic. However, we have very few of the House ghosts apart from Nearly-Headless Nick or of Dean, Lee, and Seamus. Our Artwork Challenge for all you fan artists out there is to depict one of the lesser known characters in the series. If we really like your work, we may feature it in the Lexicon! Here are some suggestions from these chapters:

Send your artwork to [email protected]. By submitting it, you are giving us permission to display your work on the Lexicon. We would like to include your name with your artwork so you are properly credited, so when you send your work let us know what name to use. Please also include a way to get a hold of you so that if we decide to feature your work as part of our regular collection we can contact you for more details. All artwork we display remains the property of the artist and they retain all copyright.

Special Feature: How not to promote house-elf rights?

Hermione Granger set up the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare (S.P.E.W.) (GF14) after she became angry about the way that both Amos Diggory and Barty Crouch Sr treated Crouch’s house-elf Winky when the Dark Mark was cast after the 1994 Quidditch World Cup (GF9).

Hearing that Hogwarts School has “the largest number in any dwelling in Britain…. Over a hundred” spurs Hermione into action (GF12).

But, one of the problems with Hermione’s campaign is that she doesn’t really know any house-elves and she has no idea what they think about freedom, or even just what they want from their lives. Hermione sees them as slaves who are being taken advantage of and repressed. Even after twice meeting some of the house-elves in the Hogwarts kitchens (GF21, GF28), Hermione tries to convince house-elves to agree with her views – and holding out the very reluctant Dobby as an exemplar. This isn’t going to work. Minds and hearts need to be changed first in the house-elf community and that is going to take a lot more than S.P.E.W. badges and good-will.

Voldemort and Harry in scene from Goblet of Fire.From the Atlas: Little Hangleton

Little Hangleton is a small village located somewhere in Yorkshire or Lancashire. A town of massive importance to recent wizarding history and yet unknown to most modern wizards….

Coming up next week…

Next week we will be looking in-depth at some invaluable sources of wizarding knowledge, for wizards and we Muggles alike–the schoolbooks and the Famous Wizard Cards. Come and explore with us!

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