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Episode 9: “The Dark Arts … are you TRYING to be bad?”


Steve wonders about the numbers 1531 and 4157, then talks about December in the Harry Potter universe, what makes the Dark Arts dark (and where Crouch Jr. could have learned them), mixes up the spelling of a spell and forgets the order of Priori Incantatem, then recalls experiences with anti-Potter book-banners.

Alternate titles:

  • “There are connections everywhere! Oh, no, I guess there aren’t.”
  • “It’s all fun and games until someone gets their fake magical eye knocked out.”
  • “Over the course of a year, you MIGHT start to wonder …”

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  • Lars

    You wonder what J.K.R.s plans for book four were. Well, you mentioned earlier, that she apparently planned for Peter Pettigrew to be D.A.D.A. teacher. So it is possible that it was planned for Peter to replace Moody after he was killed (“one more death”) instead of merely taken prisoner. Peter would then impersonate Moody through some dark magic or maybe polyjuice potion would also work with parts from dead people. He would probably be accomplished enough to impersonate Moody, knowing him from the Order (unlike Barty Crouch Jr.) and Moody doesn’t play any significant role later on anyway.

  • Wondrous podcast-excellent adherence to HP canon. As another resource for listeners, not all religious dismiss JKR’s work, one can listen to SQPN’s, “Tje Secrets of Harry Potter” podcast.

    http://harrypotter.sqpn.com/HP canon.