I’m always amazed that every time I re read the Harry Potter books I find something new to wonder about. The story and the world are so rich that it gives the never ending potential for theories and the chance for discoveries of connections you’ve never realized, either because you were too focused on something else, or it just never clicked before.

My favorite moments on my rereads are seeing the clues hidden in plain sight that JK so cleverly laid out. For example, Sirius Black being mentioned in passing in the first chapter of Sorcerer’s Stone, and then being the main ‘bad guy’ in book 3! Another example of this that I love is all of the clues that led to the reveal of Rita Skeeter as an illegal Animagus in Goblet of Fire.

When I first read these books I was 11, I didn’t catch a lot of stuff like this. So, it always tickles me pink on my rereads when I come across these hints. I give a mental salute to JK, she is just such a genius.

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