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vampire - Veela - Vipertooth, Peruvian

vampire creature from Muggle legends or mythology

Vampires are similar to humans except that they feed on blood. Though not wizards themselves, vampires are able to mix somewhat in the Wizarding world – they occasionally attend social events (HBP16) and products like blood-flavoured lollipops are marketed for them (PA10) – but a close watch has to be kept to ensure they don’t attack innocent bystanders (HBP16, DP2, DP3, DP4). Generally speaking, though, they seem to be feared by wizards. Lockhart bragged about subduing a vampire in one of his books (CS10), for example. Vampires are studied in Defence Against the Dark Arts (CS10, PA3, PA14, GF10). (from The Lexicon page 317).

Thanks to Pippin for help with this list.

Veela creature from Muggle legends or mythology

Female magical beings that have the ability to drive men uncontrollably wild, especially when they ‘turn on’ their charm or perform the sensual dance for which they’re known (GF8, GF22). However, when they get angry, they turn into bird-like creatures which throw fire. A group of veela served as the mascots for the Bulgarian National Quidditch Team at the Quidditch World Cup, though they were kicked out when they distracted the referee (GF8). Veela hairs can be used as wand cores (GF18). Fleur Delacour is part veela; her wand's core is a hair from the head of her grandmother, a veela. There are no male veela (JKR). (from The Lexicon page 319).

The veela are based on a number of sources that describe Eastern European nature spirits of legend:

Vipertooth, Peruvian creature from Muggle legends or mythology more info in Fantastic Beasts - click here to order

XXXXX - Peru

See Dragons - Peruvian Vipertooth.

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