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Happy Birthday Steve!

birthday cake
Please join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday today, December 27th, to
Steve Vander Ark, HH, CWWEA-ld, MMM, KCL, SM, Gurg

Headmaster of the HPLexicon,
Chief Warlock of the Wizarding Examinations Authority- Lexicon Division,
Minister for Muggle Magic
Keeper of Canon and Lists at the Floo Network
Supreme Mugwump of the Wizardry Fandom
Gurg of the HP giants

Steve, no title is quite fitting for the important role you serve in our world or the position you hold in our hearts. Thank you for all you do, and here’s wishing you many happy returns!

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39 Responses to Happy Birthday Steve!

  1. SarahW says:

    Happy birthday Steve! Thanks for being so cool!

    P.S. Bel, I love the awesome titles!

  2. Happy birthday!
    And thanks for running this site, it’s amazing.

  3. Eeyore says:

    Aw, you were nearly a Christmas baby! Happy Birthday, Steve!

  4. moony says:

    Happy Birthday Steve, and thanks a lot (as is already said) for the hp-lexicon you constructed and you’re running since 2001! This website is a ?scolar and ?competent source if you are looking for info about the hp-world. Thanks so much!

  5. John D. says:

    like happy b-day!

  6. Jake says:

    A very big happy birthday to you steve. I hope you have a lovely day. Thanks for everything :]

  7. Katherine says:

    Happy Birthday. how old are you, Steve?

  8. omikse says:

    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday, and thank-you so much for all you do here.

  9. Archer says:

    Happy birthday steve (nuff said)

  10. MarauderSandi says:

    Happy Birtday, Steve! You give so much to the fandom and, apparently, to the filmmakers and even to Jo herself!

  11. El Cronista de Salem says:

    happy birthday, steve! one year more making life easy for HP fanatics :)

  12. Big_Kelpie says:

    Katherine, thats not sth polite to ask!! though i was wondering it myself.. .Happy Birthday!! steve!! isn’t it Melissa from TLC bday today also?

  13. Sandra says:

    Van Harte Gefeliciteerd!
    (is Happy Birthday in Dutch)

  14. Steve says:

    Thanks for the messages. What a wonderful thing to wake up to on my birthday! Yes, it’s Mel’s birthday, too, but I’m a lot older than she is. I’m 49 (and no, I don’t mind you asking…I’m actually cheerfully every age I’ve ever been…usually around eight, especially on my birthday)

  15. ginny321 says:

    (and keep up the good work)

  16. daveindetroit says:

    Happy B-Day to You… Happy B-Day to You… and many more. Congratulations.

  17. Lisa says:

    Happy birthday, Steve! Here’s to another great year! –Lisa

  18. qwertyuiop says:

    Happy Birthday, Steve. That was clever to come up with all those titles.

  19. maci says:

    This sight is just awesome!! Steve, I think I speak for all the HP fans when I say that The hp-lexicon is a great way to exchange ideas, theories, information, …. all the things that keep us alert and spinning thoughts until the next book comes out. Thank you for all your time and hard work to make this site a success. Happy birthday!

  20. Hoogie says:

    Thanks so much, Steve, this site is so cool and you are so cool and its amazing all the hard work you’ve put into this. Have a great birthday!!!

  21. Bandersnatch says:

    Many happy returns of the day, Steve!

  22. Katrin says:

    Happy Birthday Steve!
    Thaks for all your good work!

  23. NiGHTS says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Many happy returns, Steve. How could we all wish you anything less when you keep all of us avid Potterphiles intruiged, interested and increasingly well informed as to the many and marvellous comings and goings in the Potterverse.

  24. Reader2 says:

    I’d love to join in on this one.

    Happy birthday!

    I wish you all the best.

  25. Jayni D. says:

    Happy Birthday, Steve! This really is an amazing site and I’m enjoying it immensely, discovering new pieces of it every day. Thank you so much.
    May 2007 be a super terrific year for you!

  26. recklesscatlover says:

    Happy Birthday. And congratulations. The Lexicon is absolutely great. It is THE reference of the Potterworld!

  27. Whizbang121 says:

    Happy Birthday! Many happy returns of the day, and please accept my thanks along with all the others.

  28. KneazleKitty says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for making The Lexicon the world’s most excellent HP fan site! :)

  29. Jen-the-HP-freak says:

    Happy Birthday! Being 36, I’m glad you’re 49. I was reading all the staff December birthdays over at Mugglenet and most of them are young enough to be my children which shouldn’t be disheartening, but somehow is.

  30. D. Laidlaw says:


    You and your staff are my heroes for creating/maintaining/organizing such a wonderful site!

    Many Happy Returns!

  31. John says:

    Here’s to Steve, who not only created one of the best sites on the internet and serves as the head of Harry Potter fandom, but also is one of the most incredible managers I could ever want to work for. It’s thanks to him that we have such an incredible team. Thanks Steve!

    *Raises glass*

  32. Molly says:

    Happy Birthday Steve and a very happy new year to you and all your staff.

  33. Kaylee Tonks-Lupin says:

    Happy Birthday Steve and may you have many more! Hope Melissa had a happy birthday too! ^.^ Love your titles!


  34. Quentin says:

    Steve, I worship you. Thanks for these two years and half!

  35. Matt says:

    Happy Birthday Steve and congradulations! Gee, we’re only a couple of days apart. My past experience of contributing a little to the Lexicon was such a pleasure, that it inspired me to start my own site, compeletly unrelated to this site though! Steve’s been a huge inspiration, he set’s a great example as a leader and I am still in his debt. Have a great 49th!

  36. Raymond says:

    Heyy happy birthday steve YOU HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME!!

  37. TJ says:

    Thanks for the hard work and passion you put into website. Happy birthday!

  38. Looney2 says:

    Happy BD. Like Jen above, I am happy to see your age. Unlike Jen, you and I could have been in High School together! You legitimize the fandom. May I call you Gurg?

  39. pam says:

    A very happy birthday to you (belated as it is) and thanks for all you do to add to our enjoyment of the wonderous world of Harry Potter.

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