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Happy Birthday Percy Weasley!

The Wizard of the Month calendar on Jo’s official site has changed to wish a Happy Birthday for 22 August to Percy Weasley!

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25 Responses to Happy Birthday Percy Weasley!

  1. ginny321 says:

    A grudgingly wished happy birthday, Percy. At least you came to your senses in the end.

  2. John says:

    Happy birthday Percy, though it did take you two years, the realization that Voldemort was really back, and your brother’s death for you to be fully recognized as a good guy in the end.

  3. hpboy13 says:

    Happy birthday, you prat, and may your loyalty never waver again.

  4. Kaz says:

    Happy Birthday Percy. I’m only forgiving you because Fred did. *Sob*

  5. mawaddah says:

    but anyway,he did apologised so..Happy Birthday!

  6. Potter Fanatic says:

    Happy Birthday Percy!

  7. mhfbmr says:

    happy birthday to you

  8. Holly says:

    Happy Birthday Percival Ignatius Weasley! =D I can’t wait to make some butterbeer when I wake up tomorrow morning. x33 Any excuse to drink butterbeer!

  9. Char says:

    Happy Birthday, Percy.

  10. olivier says:

    Happy Birthday, Percy! Thank you for seeing the truth in end… and attacking your Minister and weeping your brother proved me that you were truly back… even if you still will bore people with your comments! Many happy returns!

  11. harry says:

    Happy birthday Percy

  12. kamion says:

    Congrats Perce, those two years of stubborness must have been the most lonely in your life. A Weasley without his family is a lost Weasley.

  13. lilangel says:

    Many birthday wishes to you, Percy. If this was before *tear* Fred, I would have said ths grudgingly. But, you came to your senses, and even if you’re still the same old boring Percy, but after what you did at the Battle of Hogwarts? I got to say, Happy birthday!

  14. Jacob says:

    Happy B-Day

  15. Ginny Weasley says:

    Happy birthday bro! I still love ya!

  16. Mrs Severus Snape says:

    Happy birthday 4 ages ago.

  17. sprj says:

    Belated happy birthday you ministry loving prat. Fred would have wished you so would I.

  18. Mrs. Sirius B. says:

    Not sure if you’re celebrating B-Day or while the death of your brother is still fresh on your mind, and hope you’re not going nuts. Celebrate both yours and his life on your special day!

  19. Krabat says:

    Must be a very frightening experience for George! To be suddenly without his twinbrother is certainly not easy for him.

  20. Em the werewolf says:

    I will say a happy birthday but only because you finally started to use that thing in your head called a brain. I give my deepest condolences for the death of you brother, Fred. I’m sure that he will drive everyone crazy where he is now. So I think that you should continue to use your brain from now on, or there will be a nice prank planned just for you when you kick the bucket.

  21. Godric Gryffindor says:

    Happy Birthdy Percy! I new you would come back! Way to go!

  22. GryfindorGurlie.x says:

    Happy birthday Percy!!

    It’s good you came to your senses in the end at least Fred died knowing you had done the right thing. Hope you’re well.


    PS hope everyone is okay…x

  23. Ben F. says:

    Again, I’m sorry to ruin it, but I can’t help remark on the irony of (like Albus Dumbledore’s Pensieve) there being an equal amount of comments to Percy’s age. Unfortunately, I make the 23 comment. :’(

  24. Darcy says:

    Percy i thought you were a git from day one. But towards the end you turned out to be a stand up guy.

  25. Ginnyiscool says:

    You should have used your brain(no matter how small it is) from the beggining! is you had, fred wouldn’t have died and the words on the book wouldn’t be ruined from my tears,but my idol, ginny, would have forgiven you so i do. and happy birthday!(next time use your head, or else you may find yourself dead.)

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