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Happy Birthday Clint!

Please join us in wishing our own Clint Hagen a very happy birthday today, September 24th! Clint is the Lexicon’s Master Coder Guy, as Steve has dubbed him and our resident Latin expert. He is responsible for the magical programming behind the Remembrall Search feature, the Knight Bus Tours, and the amazing Canon Portkey. He is truly a powerful wizard.

Fortuna dies natalis!
(Gee, I hope I got that right :) )

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21 Responses to Happy Birthday Clint!

  1. hpboy13 says:

    Happy birthday Clint, and keep up the aweosme work!

  2. Naomi says:

    Happiest of birthdays, Clint. I hope it was just, well, swell. :p

  3. Finn says:

    Happy birthday, Clint! Thanks for everything you do!

  4. John says:

    Happy birthday Clint, I love your work, keep it up!

  5. Thanks for all you do! Happy Birthday!

  6. Lisa says:

    Wow, Happy birthday codemaster! We are very lucky to have you!

  7. moony =luna lupin says:

    Too late, but I wish you a happy birthday! Thanks for all the work you do on the hp-lexicon.

  8. aillinne says:

    Happy Harry Birthday! Er… or should it rather be: Happy Hagen Birthday? :) Happy birthday anyway!

  9. Elle says:

    Happy Birthday! I love the Knight Bus Tours!

  10. William Givens says:

    Felix is the Latin word for “happy, lucky,” not “fortuna.” And “dies” is, despite being a 5th-declension noun, a masculine noun. Sorry, I’m a Latin minor, I have to know these things. Nice sharing of sentiments, though.

  11. Steve says:

    Happy birthday. my friend. What you have done for the Lexicon is…well, nothing short of magic. I am so grateful. Thank you from me and all of the fans who benefit. Enjoy your day!

  12. Naazju says:

    Hope your birthday was absolutely magical; you deserve it!

  13. Taj says:

    I think we all become so engrossed by the magical features of the Lexicon, that we sometimes forget about the equally magical people who make them happen. So, a very grateful HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Clint!

  14. Arithmancer says:

    Happy birthday, Master Coder Guy! Thanks so much for doing what you do for the Lexicon.

  15. Sirius Black says:

    Happy Birthday Clint! Keep up the awesome work!

  16. ginny321 says:

    Happy birthday Clint!
    Keep up your awesome work!

  17. clock_maker says:

    many happy Returns

  18. JJB says:

    You deserve an Order of Merlin, First Class if we can wangle it.

  19. Mikkel Larsen says:

    Thank you for the awesome searchfunction. And a very happy birthday.

  20. poldi says:

    ad multos annos, clint!

    (… and tomorrow, maybe you would like to check the latin in the spells’ etymology, e.g. if it should be ‘semper’ rather than ‘sempra’ ;-)

  21. Reader2 says:

    Happy birthday!

    May you keep impressing us.

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