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Happy Birthday Flitwick

As expected, the Wizard of the Month calendar has automatically updated to show Happy Birthday greetings to Filius Flitwick for October 17th.
I’ve updated the Guide to Jo’s site to note it.

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16 Responses to Happy Birthday Flitwick

  1. ginny321 says:

    Happy birthday, Professor!
    You were AWESOME in DH.

  2. Taj says:

    A very happy birthday, Professor Flitwick! Do we know whether he killed Dolohov or not?

  3. hpboy13 says:

    Prof Flitwick, you were BEYOND AWESOME in DH, and I wish you a very happy birthday indeed!!! Your classes always seemed liek the most fun in the books!

  4. Clock_maker says:

    ‘appy birthday Fil…

  5. Remi says:

    Happy Birthday to my favorite Charms teacher! Your act of preserving a small part of Fred & George’s portable swamp has endeared you to me forever :)

  6. JJB says:

    Happy birthday Prof! When they rebuilt Hogwarts I hope they built you a real platform to stand on rather than a stack of books—you deserve a plinth.

  7. Luna Lupin =moony says:

    Happy Birthday, Professor. I hope we’ll see more of your work in the future.

  8. Reader2 says:

    Got to love Flitwick!

    Does wnyone think that he actually killed Dolohov?
    Flitwick doesn’t sound like the killer-type.

  9. olivier says:

    Happy Birthday, Professor. Your heart is in the right place, we could see that in OotP and DH! Many happy returns

  10. Taj says:


    I don’t think any of the Hogwarts teachers (with the possible exception of Snape) seem like killers, but remember this was a war. Lupin told Harry the time for Disarming was past and that he must kill in battle, and McGonagall told Slughorn they would duel to kill if he and the Slytherins tried to sabotage the resistance.

  11. John says:

    Great job Filius!!! You were very entertaining in DH

  12. Reader2 says:

    I understand that it’s war, but the wizards have a way of putting their enemies out of comission without actually killing them.

    I guess it’s another one of those details that Rowling deliberately left to our imagination.

  13. Sirius Black says:

    Nice job Prof. Flitwick!!
    You were awesome in DH!!

  14. Sibylle says:

    Happy belated birthday, Professor ! You’ve always been great from book one, I wish we knew more about you :) I’m quite desperate for this Hogwarts Encyclopedia ^^

  15. andrew says:

    happy birthday, professor. x

  16. Darcy says:

    Happee Birthday little man and may more.

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